Educated Girls and Women in Tanzania

Socio-cultural Interpretations of the Meaning of Education

The multidisciplinary research project explores achievements and challenges of educational equity policies, processes and practices in Tanzania. The project focuses on socio-cultural interpretations of the meaning of education for girls and women, including girls and women with disabilities.

The studies analyse experience and perceptions of girls and women, who have succeeded to continue their educational path up to secondary and higher education, on the meaning of education in their lives.

The project aims at providing a research-based complementary perspective to the education sector development process in Tanzania, and enhancing the role of research in stakeholder dialogue on education, gender and inclusive education.

The research project (2007-2011) is funded by the Academy of Finland.


13.6.2014 Hanna Posti-Ahokas defends her doctoral dissertation Female Students’ Perceptions on Relevance of Secondary Education, A Student Perspective to Education Sector Development in Tanzania. University of Helsinki.


Research team and themes

Research in the Stakeholder Dialogue on Education, Gender and Disability