International Celebratory Dinner for the publication of the book "Combining Paid Work and Family Care", University of Leeds, UK, 12 August 2013

Book contributors from left: Outi Jolanki (Fin), Marta Szebehely (Swe), Teppo Kröger (Fin), Gary Fry (UK), Sue Yeandle (UK), Yueh-Ching Chou (Taiwan), Trish Hill (Aus), Bettina Cass (Aus), Pro-Vice Chancellor David Hogg (Uni Leeds, UK, host of the dinner), Toshiko Nakano (Japan), Masaya Shimmei (Japan), in front: Antti Teittinen (Fin), Kaisa Kauppinen (Fin)

International Conference: Carers and Work Care Reconciliation International Conference, University of Leeds, 13 August 2013


5th International WoCaWo meeting and International Symposium on Reconciliation of Family Care and Paid Work in Taipei (National Yang-Ming University) on December 2010

Banquet at L'escargots

WoCaWo research team - Banquet at L'escargots French Cuisine in Yang-Ming University

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4th International WoCaWo meeting in Leeds on July 2010

Meeting in Leeds

Teppo Kröger, Gary Fry,

Ann-Britt Sand, Anu Leinonen, Sue Yeandle, Shu-Man Pan, Kaisa Kauppinen,

Outi Jolanki, Yueh-Ching Chou, Yea-Ing Lotus Shyu, Jung-Tsung Yang and

Tsen-Yung Frank Wang





2nd International WoCaWo meeting in Jyväskylä on Feb 2009


Yueh-Ching Chou, Antti Teittinen, Anu Leinonen, Marta Szebehely, Teppo Kröger, Sue Yeandle, Outi Jolanki and Sonja Miettinen (Kaisa Kauppinen had already left the meeting)