New book about working carers


Teppo Kröger & Sue Yeandle (eds.) Combining Paid Work and Family Care: Policies and Experiences in International Perspective. Bristol: Policy Press.


This book is about people who provide support and care to their family members but who at the same time participate in the labour market, that is, it is about ‘working carers’. Due to both rapid population ageing and the increasing labour market participation of women, the question of how to support people to help their family members with care needs without having to leave paid work is one of the most burning welfare policy questions all over the world. This book will be among the first to address the situations and needs of working carers on an international level.


This book will analyse welfare and labour market policies that affect working carers in Nordic, Liberal and East Asian welfare systems, in six countries in total (Finland, Sweden, England, Australia, Taiwan and Japan). The book will distinguish between three different groups of working carers, that is, between those providing support to their parents or parents-in-law, those helping their disabled or seriously ill children and those who are caring for their partners – as the positions, difficulties and strategies of these groups differ from each other. In addition to policies, the book will analyse the everyday experiences of working carers from these six countries, offering thus a rare view of the interplay between policy context and agency.