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Professor Teppo Kröger



I am leading the WOCAWO project team. From my background, I am a social policy/social work researcher and been involved in a number of Nordic, European and other international research projects, including the EU FP5 SOCCARE Project (2000-2003) that I co-ordinated together with Jorma Sipilä. From 2006 to 2011 I hold the post of Academy Research Fellow that is a senior researcher post granted by the Academy of Finland. Currently I am a member of the RECWOWE FP6 Network of Excellence and the REASSESS Nordic Centre of Excellence in Welfare Research and a partner in an EU FP7 project titled FAMILYPLATFORM and in another European project titled LIVINDHOME that is looking at the ongoing reforms within home care services in Europe.

My research interests focus in particular around comparative study of social care systems, covering childcare as well as care services for older and disabled people and formal as well as informal provision. In addition to publications in Finnish, I have (co-)authored/edited several books in English (e.g., Comparative Research on Social Care: The State of the Art, European Communities 2001; Families, Work and Social Care in Europe, European Communities, 2004; Social Work Visions from Around the Globe: Citizens, Methods, and Approaches, Haworth Press 2005; Overstretched: European Families Up Against the Demands of Work and Care, Blackwell 2005; Social Work and Child Welfare Politics: Through Nordic Lenses, Policy Press 2010) and published articles in a number of international journals (e.g., Journal of Social Policy, Social Policy and Administration, Critical Social Policy, International Journal of Social Welfare).

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Dr Outi Jolanki



I joined the WoCaWo-team at the University of Jyväskylä January 2009. I work as a researcher with the funding of Academy of Finland. Spring 2009 the Jyväskylä team gathered the interview data (N = 76) of which I made 36 interviews. Spring 2009 I finalized my PhD thesis on older people’s experiences of ageing and health at the Tampere School of Public Health, University of Tampere. I have a long-standing interest for qualitative research methods and my central task in the research project is to analyze qualitative data and prepare articles on the basis of the analyses. I participate to national and international research collaboration.


From January 2010 onwards I analyze data coming from Work and Health 2009 study (Finnish Occupational Institute of Health) and prepare article manuscripts in collaboration with professor Kaisa Kauppinen. My research interests include: distribution of entitlements and responsibilities between individual citizens and the state, intergenerational relations, help and support received from the family members, meaning of work and work-related expectations, positioning and agency e.g. positioning oneself as a care giver, worker, citizen and family member, chances to make choices and decisions and enact those decisions in regard to work, care giving, social relations and health.

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Dr Anu Leinonen



I have worked in the WoCaWo research group since August 2008. My research interests include: combining gainful employment and parental caregiving, social care services for older people and informal carers and division of care responsibilities among siblings. In my Postdoctoral Researcher’s project (Ageing, Working and Caring: The lived citizenship of working carers approaching their own early old age) I am going to concentrate on working carers who are approaching their own retirement. The focus is on retirement and future prospects of working carers. This three-year project (2010–2012) is also funded by the Academy of Finland.


My background is in Social Gerontology and qualitative social research. I defended my doctoral thesis in Sociology in 2006, and the thesis focused on older people’s civil participation. In the coming years my aim is to combine social gerontological knowledge with the research issues related to care and work and write scientific articles based on the data (76 face-to face interviews of working carers) we have collected at the University of Jyväskylä in 2009.


I am a member in the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Welfare Research “Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model” (REASSESS). I also participate in a research project which studies home care reforms in nine European countries (LIVINDHOME).

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