The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Center for Research and Development

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Docent Antti Teittinen



In the WOCAWO-project I have focused on the family care of people with learning disabilities with Sonja Miettinen. Family care of people with learning disabilities is a current issue in Finland, because there is going on a disbanding process of institutional living of people with learning disabilities. Those people very often move to group homes, but a family care is replacing the institutional living too.


I produce articles and co-articles and coordinate the WOCAWO-project in FAIDD. I use same qualitative interviews that Sonja Miettinen gathered as an empirical material. My research interests in the WOCAWO-project and more commonly are as follows: contemporary social analysis of disability phenomenon, poststructuralist critique of disability, social theoretical study of disability. I am also interested in youth studies, societal implications of architecture and power studies.


Dr Sonja Miettinen



I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Research and Development in the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. In the WOCAWO project I study the ways in which the parents of adults with learning disabilities combine care responsibilities and paid employment. In addition to their problems and possibilities in taking up paid employment, I am interested in how the parents have ended up keeping the adult child with learning disabilities at home as well as his or her capability to influence where and with whom to live. I explore the construction of the life and identity of the carer and care recipient in cultural and institutional context.


I have conducted qualitative interviews in families with an adult child with learning disabilities. I have interviewed either the parent carrying the main responsibility of the care or both parents. I have also interviewed the person with learning disabilities, if he or she is capable of speaking. Interviews have been made in 14 families in different parts of Finland.


I have received funding from the WOCAWO project between the years 2008–2009. For the years 2010–2012 I have received the grant for the Postdoctoral Researcher’s project of the Academy of Finland.