Call for Papers: ECPR General Conference Glasgow, 3-6 September 2014

Panel “The Citizenship Nexus: The Concept and the Collisions”

The panel is included in the section “Key Concepts in Political Science: Fields, Issues and Arenas of their Change”.


Panel convenors: Dr. Anna Björk (University of Jyväskylä), anna.k.bjork(a)jyu.fi and Dr. Hanna-Mari Kivistö (University of Jyväskylä), hanna-mari.kivisto(a)jyu.fi

Deadline for paper abstracts (250 words) is 10 February 2014.


The concept of citizenship is defined and re-defined, never exhaustedly but always contingently, in relation to various dimensions. These dimensions, such as identity, rights or legal status, are widely discussed by scholars across disciplines. This panel invites papers analysing any of the potential aspects constituting citizenship from the conceptual point of view. The contributions can focus on theoretical readings or more empirical case studies, but they should pay attention to the uses and constructions of the concept of citizenship.