Lecture series "The Politics of Dissensus: Aspects of the Parliamentary Style", autumn 2009

For the essay, please choose one of the questions below. The essay should be returned by e-mail to the respective lecturer no later than January 31st, 2010.


Kari Palonen (kari.palonen(a)jyu.fi):

"Analyse the debate in the British House of Commons on the reform of parliamentary procedures on 23 January 1953 regarding the principles of a) the Parliament as a deliberative assembly, b) full- vs part-time Membership of Parliament and c) the fair limitation and distribution of parliamentary times“

on the basis of the following text:

House of Commons, 23.1. 1953  (Conduct of Business), 47 pages


Advice, use at least the following search options to identify the speeches relevant for the

– procedure

– reform

– deliberative

– controversy, controversial

– dispute

– full-time

– politician

– professional

– night

– morning


Alternative question for exchange students:

„Take one or two parliamentary debates in your country, analyse the positions and the arguments in the debate and discuss shortly its political significance with the background of the lecture series.“


Tapani Turkka (tapani.turkka(a)uta.fi):

 "What can we learn from Locke about parliamentarism in the EU?"


Taru Haapala (taru.haapala(a)yfi.jyu.fi):

„In The Times editorial on 23 October 1873 regarding the fiftieth anniversary of the Oxford Union Society, it was stated that England had by then become a nation of ’Parliamentary People’. Explain the description and its emergence based on the information provided by the published Report of the Speeches which was discussed in the workshop in connection to the lecture.“


Hanna-Mari Kivistö (hanna-mari.kivisto(a)jyu.fi):

„In my lecture I spoke about the drafting of the 1949 West German Basic Law and especially about the debates regarding its asylum paragraph. For the discussion we read an article by Hannah Arendt on human rights, which was written in the aftermath of the World War II. In the essay I would like you to reflect upon the idea of using parliamentary debates as material when studying questions relating to human rights.“  


Anna Björk (anna.k.bjork(a)jyu.fi):

„The disagreement over the concept of sovereignty represents the way claims are made about the political situation in Northern Ireland at the time of the debate (1998). Analyse the variety of the claims considered 'facts' about the situation in the 'Procedural Consequence's of Devolution' -debate. Exemplify.“