Project environment

The closest intellectual environment of the project consists, besides the Centre of Excellence Political Thought and Conceptual Change and its research team Political Thought and Conceptual History, of three senior or post-doc scholars studying parliamentary politics at the University of Jyväskylä. The Academy Professor’s project is also linked to a broader team of PhD candidates supervised by Kari Palonen. The Parliamentary Studies Discussion Group opens up this co-operation of the project to the M.A. students in political science, history or related fields. During the academic year 2008-2009, a special seminar on the use of parliamentary sources in historical research is also provided at the Department of History and Ethnology by Professor Pasi Ihalainen.

Parliamentary studies and projects

Interest in political rhetoric at the University of Jyväskylä has a tradition since the 1980s. More recently, it has been combined with conceptual history as well as with the analysis of parliamentary debates and documents as sources of conceptual history. Simultaneously, the interest in parliamentarism has broadened from the perspectives of the history of political thought and contemporary political theory to constitutional aspects of parliamentarism.The different projects on parliamentary studies arrange joint events with the “Political Thought and Conceptual Change” Centre of Excellence and with the “Politics of Dissensus Project”.

Parliamentarism scholars at the University of Jyväskylä:

Professor Pasi Ihalainen, Professor of General History

Dr. Suvi Soininen, Postdoctoral fellow of the Academy of Finland

Dr. Tuula Vaarakallio, Postdoctoral fellow of the Academy of Finland


Research project by Professor Kyösti Pekonen, University of Helsinki:

The Problem of Representation and the Role of Talk in the Finnish Parliament


Research project by Professor Cornelia Ilie, Malmö University:

GENPARDIS - Gender and parliamentary discourse practices


Team of Ph.D. candidates supervised by Kari Palonen

The common core of the team lies in the use of historically oriented approaches to the textual analysis of politics, independently of whether the topic studied is past or contemporary. The role of peer comments from the team members is strongly emphasised. Following the principle that “political life itself sets the problems for political theorists” (Quentin Skinner), the distinction between political thought and political action is regarded as relative. Accordingly, the speeches and writings of politicians are analysed also in relation to their theoretical commitments and historical contexts, whereas the scholars are regarded also as politicians in a struggle on theories and concepts.

The PhD Candidate team meets regularly 3-5 times every year, discussing both the progress of the individual dissertation and broader issues of publishing, research visits abroad as well as other practical issues of the research project. The team members will be supported in participating at the events of the Centre of Excellence, the POLITU doctoral school and events organised by Political Science of the University of Jyväskylä as well as in their publishing and travelling.

Members of the team:

Ratih D. Adiputri

Sarita Friman-Korpela

Taru Haapala

Teemu Häkkinen (supervised by Pasi Ihalainen)

Hanna-Mari Kallio

Hanna-Mari Kivistö

Anna Kronlund

Onni Pekonen