Anna Kronlund, Ph.D. Candidate

Anna Kronlund, Ph.D. Candidate



“State of exception” debates in the context of the United States (Working title)

My PhD project concentrates on this very concept of the state of exception and expressions close or parallel to it in the United States constitutional politics discussions after the World War II. The topic will be approached through Congress debates and considering these debates as a possibility to analyze what way the state of exception is constructed, how it has been conceptualized and debated on a parliamentary forum.

The polemic on the concept of the state of exception in the contemporary United States politics must be related to the history of this concept in international on constitutional law and political theory. As the point of comparison, I will use the historical example of a constitution including a state of exception clause, namely the Constitution of German Weimar Republic and its Article 48. By using a historical point of reference, both the parallels in the problems and the differences in the political situations and constitutional powers can be better accentuated. It is possible to gain from the Weimar debates an agenda of questions, which will serve as a focus on selecting interesting issues, passages and formulations from the US debates for discussion. The US and the Weimar constitution represent two opposite alternatives in constitutional law, the political practices related to, which deserve a close comparative analysis.


Research visits abroad:

DAAD- scholarship: Greifswald – Institut für Politikwissenschaft 1.1.2009-31.3.2009.

Fulbright-scholarship to the United States for the academic year 2009-2010.