Hanna Kallio, Ph.D. Candidate

E-mail: hanna.kallio(a)gmail.com


Economic policy debates in the Finnish Parliament

Hanna Kallio’s PhD project focuses on the economic policy debates in the Finnish parliament, especially on those of the annual governmental budget. The topic is approached through careful study of the rhetorics in the budged debates during the timeline starting from early 1990’s recession and ending to the current economical slowdown.

The Finnish parliament, like many other parliaments, uses approximately three months every autumn to discuss the governmental budget for the upcoming year. In Finland the position of the parliament in order to change the budget proposal given by the government is quite limited. The role of the speeches and argumentation of the members of the parliament still serve as an important arena to pose their politics to the wider audience.

The wider context of the study is the pro et contra argumentation in the parliament and the specific notions that relate to the economic policy debate.  Major part of the PhD project is formed by the study of the rhetorical figures that are common in the argumentation on economic policies, and the use of the economical theories in the politics of convincing.  With study of a limited genre on argumentation (the parliament budget debates), the aim of the project is to bring a new (rhetorical and conceptual historian) perspective to the study of economic policies and to the study connecting parliamentarism and rhetoric.