Onni Pekonen, Ph.D. Candidate

E-mail: onni.i.pekonen(a)jyu.fi


The Parliamentary Fair Play. Parliamentary Rules and Practices in the Finnish Parliamentary Reform of 1906 and the Eduskunta Procedural Debates

In my doctoral thesis I study the role and adoption of international parliamentary rules and practices in the work of the Finnish parliament, the Eduskunta. I analyse ideas and arguments behind the Eduskunta’s procedures in the context of the Finnish Parliamentary Reform of 1906. My study connects the history of the Finnish parliament to the international tradition of parliamentarism and its procedural debates.

In addition to analysing parliamentary rules and practices as results of power struggles, I understand the Eduskunta as a part of an international tradition of procedurally regulated parliamentary game. After the preliminary reading of my research material it is apparent that parties involved in the Reform had clear understanding and knowledge of parliamentary procedures, language and concepts and their relations to contemporary international parliamentary discussions and trends. I examine historical linkages and discrepancies between the Eduskunta and the international discussions. My study sheds light on the history of the Finnish parliament as well as brings perspectives on international diffusion of parliamentary procedures, ideas and concepts.