Ratih D. Adiputri, Ph.D. Candidate

E-mail: ratih.adiputri(a)jyu.fi

Funded by GSAS - Graduate School of Asian Studies


Political Conditions of Regional Parliamentarization in Indonesia and alternative forms of its realization

Indonesian politics today shows all the classical ingredients for a struggle between political institutions about the extent and the limits of their powers. The delineation and distribution of powers between the president and the parliaments, between the governmental administration and the parliaments as well as between the four parliamentary assemblies remain diffuse, and the formal separation of powers remains a façade behind which the real struggles take place.

The study uses a version of rhetorical analysis which is new for the Indonesian parliamentary studies. The main objective of my research is to analyze the powers of the Indonesian regional parliaments/ DPRD as people’s representatives under certain political conditions. The specific concern in this study is to understand the political condition of parliamentarization, by studying the Indonesian debates on the hybrid status and powers of the DPRD as a parliamentary assembly.