Parliamentary Studies Discussion Group

The parliamentary studies group focuses on the parliamentary paradigm of politics with a specific rhetorical perspective.

By the parliamentary paradigm is meant speaking for and against. The parliamentary paradigm provides us with a new interpretative perspective, a new vision, about the formation, character, significance and chances of extension of this rhetorical political style in Western Europe.

The new perspective, the conceptual contribution of analysing parliamentary debates as a rhetorical style is what makes a distinctive contribution to analysing parliament as both a place and an arena of institutional practices in which these contributions are enacted.

The group consists of persons from M.A. student level to professors. It was established in March 2006 and it holds meetings approximately once a month.

Discussions have so far concentrated on essays from authors such as Walter Bagehot, Urho Kekkonen, Carl Schmitt, and Earl Curzon. Themes of discussion are decided in group meetings according to the interests of the participants. The group also invites speakers from various academic backgrounds to discuss their work in progress related to parliamentary studies.

Contact person:
Taru Haapala, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science
e-mail: taru.k.s.haapala[at]jyu.fi


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