Project team

The research team is a crucial part of the Academy Professorship. The Academy Professorship provides the possibility of funding for a surrounding team of first rank scholars and doctoral students. The team works closely with the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change and its team Political Thought and Conceptual History, providing a strong research environment.

The work of the team members is thematically connected to the core of the project. The choice of the distinct themes and approaches is left to the scholars themselves: given tasks and hierarchical division of labour would be incompatible with the value of scholarly independence that guides the entire project. The monographs and PhD theses of the project shall be written in English or German and directed to an international audience. Research periods abroad are considered as an inherent part of the research programme of the project members.

The occasions for mutual debates and discussions within the team and the Centre's research team are just as valuable to the project leader as they are to the team members. A mutual exchange of views regarding the experiences and situations of studying the parliamentary style of politics from a rhetorical and conceptual perspective is crucial for all the participants.

The team will organise minor thematic workshops or seminars on the research procedures and practices, and they serve also as a basis for a new joint publication linking parliamentarism to both rhetoric and conceptual history. Whereas the Centre arranges symposia and conferences, the project will arrange minor but more intense workshops, to which also post-doc scholars and doctoral students in the project's research environment shall be invited.

Currently (November 2011) the project team consists of the following persons:

Kari Palonen (Academy of Finland Professor, project leader)

Taru Haapala (Ph.D. Candidate)

Hanna-Mari Kivistö (Ph.D. Candidate)

Anthoula Malkopoulou (Ph.D.)

Tapani Turkka (Senior Researcher)