Tapani Turkka, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher, Docent

Department of Political Science and International Relations
FI-40014 University of Tampere

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Constitutionalization and politics

The project means the turning of the topic of my monograph The Origins of Parliamentarism (NOMOS, 2007) into new contexts. In the first part (Constitutionalization of Non-State Contexts) I consider the possibilities of the constitutionalization of non-state contexts. In the modern era constitutionalization was initially found possible only in the state. In this regard, European integration and globalization have radically changed the matter, and so have effected a re-consideration of the established views; constitutionalization has been a major development e.g. in the EC/EU and the WTO. As my perspective, I use Locke’s notion of political power. I will develop the argument that constitutionalization of non-state contexts has been a major phenomenon already in the ‘modern’ context. In the post WW II era, constitutionalization has, however, taken a radically new meaning; concomitantly, old possibilities have become questioned.

In the second part (The Situation We Are In), the question is of the very situation brought about by the post WW II constitutionalizations of state and non-state contexts. What is the situation like? How best to conceptualize it? Also to these questions I seek answers in the perspective of Locke’s political thought. Thus my perspective is that of losers; if anything, the constitutionalizations mean the detaching from the tenets and practices emanating from Locke’s political thought. The clarification of this calls for the consideration of some  neglected possibilities of Locke’s political thought.