A-LA-CARTE: Assessing limits of adaptation to climate change and opportunities for resilience to be enhanced Project coordinator: Marja Järvelä

Encountering violence in social and health care organizations Project leader: Prof. Mikko Mäntysaari

EUPOLCON Principal investigator: University researcher Claudia Wiesner

FLOWS: Impact of Local Welfare Systems on Female Labour Force Participation and Social Cohesion Team leader/Finland: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Media and public memories Project leader: Academy research fellow Karina Horsti

The role of welfare services in participative citizenship of marginalized citizens Project leader: Prof. Aila-Leena Matthies

Transnational Work and Evolution of Sovereignty & Industrial Citizenship Principal investigator: University lecturer Nathan Lillie

Violence, Professional Practices and Occupational Health in Social and Health Care Sector Project leader: Senior researcher Marita Husso