Capabilities, Institutions, Dispositifs and Power in Developing Societies Project leader: Prof. Risto Heiskala

History of Cultural Policy Project leader: Prof. Anita Kangas

The Everyday of Care Work in the Nordic Countries Project leader: Prof. Teppo Kroger

Job Alternation Leave Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti

Knowledge work, Time, Place and Household Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti

Limits of Personhood Project leader: Prof. Jussi Kotkavirta.

Quality of life in a changing Europe Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti

Resources, Locality and Life Course Project leader: Prof Martti Siisiäinen

Sustainable Forestry Livelihoods in Northwest Russia (SUSFOLI) Project leader: Prof. Marja Järvelä

Time Squeeze Project leader: PhD Jouko Nätti

Volatile Bodies in Working Life Project leader: Prof. Raija Julkunen

Working Time and Time Use in the Household Project leader: Prof. Jouko Nätti