Joni Puranen


MSSc, Doctoral researcher, University of Jyväskylä
joni.p.puranen at gmail com

Project description: 
I examine unconsciousness and the liminal structures of consciousness by looking into the phenomena of falling asleep, dreamless sleep and dreaming. Methodologically, I draw both from contemporary and classical phenomenology and from multidisciplinary research in cognitive sciences and psychiatry.

Systematically, my research focuses on the connection between sleep and selfhood. I intend to answer the question: What is the role of the self in the different phases and modes of sleep? So I approach the nature of sleep by the concepts of limit-experience, self-awareness, identity and embodiment. 

Phenomenology is often defined as a philosophy of consciousness which implies that liminal phenomena and experiences such as sleep, dreaming and the loss of consciousness fall beyond its themes and methods. I want to question this implication and intend to do so by critically studying the core concepts of consciousness, intentionality and selfhood.

Questions concerning the relations between selfhood and sleep are crucial to phenomenology and philosophy of experience more generally. As an abnormal way of being, sleep may offer us a broader understanding of our “normal” wakeful existence and also a better grasp of the scope and the limits of phenomenological methods.

My thesis supervisors are Sara Heinämaa and Susanna Lindberg.

Recent Publications:
- "On the Liminal Aspects of (Dreamless) Sleep" in Collection of Collegium Phaenomenologicum 2018 Presentations (2018, Forthcoming)
- "Ystävän ääni" ("Voice of a Friend") in Manner 2/2018
- Report on the "Phenomenology of Unconsciousness" for the project Marginalization and Experience: Phenomenological Analyses of Normality and Abnormality (MEPA), 2017, Helsinki. 
- "Mundanity of Existence: Martin Heidegger, Disclosedness, Decision and Jean-Luc Nancy", 2016, University of Jyväskylä. 

Recent and upcoming talks:
- "On Dreamless Sleep", 25–28th April. Nordic Society for Phenomenology -conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
- "On the Fall of Sleep", 16–17th April. Analyzing Darkness and Light: Dystopias and Beyond -conference, Helsinki, Finland.
- "Dreamless Sleep and the Concept of Limit-Experience", 28–30 March 2019. Thinking With Nancy -conference, Oxford, UK.
- “On Dreamless Sleep and Limit-Experience”, 7 March 2019. Phenomenological Research Seminar, Helsinki, Finland
- “On the Concept of Dreamless Sleep”, 14 December 2018. Phenomenological Research Seminar, Helsinki, Finland
- "On the Liminal Aspects of (Dreamless) Sleep”, 7 July 2018. Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Citta di Castello, Italy

Academic administrative work:
- Goals, Norms, Values - conference, 22–23 March 2019, Helsinki, Finland: website
- From Shame to Disgust and Hatred -conference, 11–12 October 2018, Helsinki, Finland: website and administrative work
- Marginalization and Experience: Phenomenological Analyses of Normality and Abnormality -project, 2018–present: website
- Phenomenological Research Seminar, 2018– Helsinki, Finland: website
- Perspectives on Personhood and Communality -Conference, 9–10 November 2017, Helsinki, Finland: administrative work

Conference participations:
- Open Self 2018 -conference, 5th to 7th September, Berlin, Germany
- Nordic Society for Phenomenology annual conference, 4–6 April 2018, Gdansk, Poland

Summer school participations:
- International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology, 24–28 September 2018, Warsaw, Poland
- Collegium Phaenomenologicum, 6–28 July 2018, Citta di Castello, Italy