Thomas Szanto


PhD and University Researcher
e-mail: thomas.szanto at hum.ku.dk
website: https://ku-dk.academia.edu/ThomasSzanto

Project Description:
My research project “Antagonistic Political Emotions: An Integrative Account” aims at elaborating the phenomenological nature, the intentional structure and the appropriateness conditions, or normativity, of antagonistic political emotions (APE). Moreover, it shall shed new light on the socio-psychological mechanisms that underlie in-group/out-group demarcations and lead to the individual habitualization and group-level sedimentation of APE. To achieve this aim, the project will propose a novel, collective affective intentionality account of APE, according to which paradigmatic political emotions are affectively shared evaluative perspectives towards concerns of political import and structurally exhibit a specific form of antagonism. Among paradigmatic APE, the project will primarily focus on collective and inter-group hatred and Ressentiment. In terms of methodology, the project will endorse a pluralistic and integrative approach, drawing on classical phenomenology (esp. Scheler and Kolnai), contemporary philosophy of (collective) emotions and the relevant strands in the empirical and social sciences, notably work on emotional habitus from the sociology of emotions, social identification and inter-group emotion theory, studies on affective political sophistication from political psychology and research on emotions from the political sciences.

Latest Publications:

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  • “Emotional sharing and the extended mind,” with Felipe León and Dan Zahavi, Synthese, forthcoming, doi: 10.1007/s11229-017-1351-x.
  • “Emotional self-alienation,” Midwest Studies in Philosophy 41, 2017, 260–286.
  • “Collaborative irrationality, akrasia and groupthink: Social disruptions of emotion regulation,” Frontiers in Psychology 7 (2002), 2017, 1–17.
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  • The Phenomenology of Sociality: Discovering the ‘We’, co-edited with Dermot Moran, London, New York: Routledge, 2016.
  • “Extended emotions,” with Joel Krueger, Philosophy Compass 11 (12), 201, 863–878.
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  • “How to share a mind: Reconsidering the group mind thesis,” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 13 (1), 2014, 99–120.

Conference Talks

  • September 2018, “From Empathy to Emotional Co-Regulation and Shared Body Schemas”, invited talk at the Performative Symposium Series, "Corporeality: On practicing empathy and embodiment", Museum Folkwang, Essen

  • October 2018, (with Jan Slaby, FU Berlin): "Affects and Emotions: What Makes them Political?", talk at Conference: "From Shame to Disgust and Hatred: Philosophical and Empirical Perspectives on Political Emotions", University of Helsinki 

  • August 2018, "Situated Emotions and Emotional Self-Alienation" invited paper at the Symposion "Situated Affectivity", at the XXIV World Conference of Philosophy, Learning To BeHuman, Beijing

  • June 2018: “The politics of ressentiment: A collective affective intentionality account,” invited talk at the 5th Annual Conference the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions (EPSSE), Tallinn
  • April 2018: “Ressentiment: A collective affective intentionality account,” refereed talk at the 16th Annual Conference of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology, “Phenomenology of Solidarity: Community, Practice and Politics,” the Gdansk
  • February 2018: “Stein and Walther on shared emotions: A critical comparison,” invited talk in the workshop Early Phenomenology on Affective Sharing, FU Berlin