13.4.2018 Publication

Holma, K., Kontinen, T. & Blanken-Webb, J. (2018) Growth Into Citizenship: Framework for Conceptualizing Learning in NGO Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Adult Education Quarterly. Published online before print. https://doi.org/10.1177/0741713618768561

19.-21.6.2017 - Project workshop

The consortium projects met in the University of Jyväskylä and discussed the data generation in the communities in Tanzania and Uganda, issues emerging from the data analysis, and the potential connections between the conceptual ideas and people's narratives. Very fruitful mid-term seminar resulting into new ideas.  

16.2.2017 - Conference presentation

Kontinen, T. , Alice N. Ndidde & Karembe F. Ahimbisibwe (2017) Spaces for learning of citizenship in a Ugandan gender NGO. In: Development Days 2017, University of Helsinki, Finland, 16.2.2017.

1.12.2016 - Symposium presentation

Kontinen, T. (2016) Growth into citizenship. An approach to conceptualize learning in development. Jyväskylä Development Studies Symposium, 1.12.2016.

26.10.2016 - Conference presentation

Holma, K. (2016) John Dewey’s Philosophy and Lived Experiences of Growth. In: John Dewey’s Democracy and Education 100 years Anniversary. Democracy and Education: Reversing the Democratic Recession? Oslo, Norway, 26.10.2016.

21.10.2016 - Research collaboration meeting

GROW- team met with Senior Researcher Sirkku Hellsten from the Nordic Africa Institute, and discussed  African philosophy, civil society and fieldwork enjoying Sirkku's vast experience.

19.10.2016 - Conference presentation

Kontinen, T. , Kilonzon, R. , Nguyahambi, A. & Holma, K. (2016) Building citizenship capacities in Tanzanian civil society: Learning as growth into democratic habits. In: Education Africa? Prospects and Challenges of the New Generation. University of Jyväskylä, 19.10.2016.

30.9.2016 - Conference presentation

Blanken-Webb, J., Holma, K. & Kontinen, T. (2016). Growth into Citizenship: John Dewey’s Philosophy and Lived Experiences in East Africa. In: Dewey's 'Democracy and Education': 100 years on. University of Cambridge, UK, 28.-30.9.2016.

12.8.2016 - Conference presentation

Kilonzo, R., Kontinen, T., Ndidde, A. & Nguyahambi, A. (2016) Citizenship and civil society interventions. Reflections from Tanzania and Uganda. In: 28th Conference of Nordic Sociological Association, Working group: Sociological knowledge production in contested and contingent “North-South relationships”, Helsinki 11.-13.8.2016.

6.-8.7. 2016 Project workshop

The team gathered in Kampala to clarify research methodology and data collection design. It also negotiated with the case NGOs in Uganda and visited the partner College in Makerere University 

30.-31.5.2016 - Workshop organized by project members

"Pluralism", University of Helsinki - http://www.nordprag.org/plu.html

15.4.2016 - Publication

Holma, K. & Kontinen, T. (2015) The Rocky Road of Growth into Contemporary Citizenship: Dewey, Gramsci, and the Method of Democracy.Studier i Pædagogisk Filosofi 4 (2), 24-37.

7.4.2016 - Conference presentation

Blanken-Webb, J. & Holma, K. (2016). Growth into Citizenship: John Dewey’s Philosophy and Pluralist Contexts in East Africa. In: John Dewey Society: The Centennial Conference on Democracy and Education, Washington DC, 7-8.4.2016. 

30.9.-2.10.2015  - GROW  kick-off seminar in Helsinki

The research consortium (see the photo above) gathered for three days seminar in Helsinki. Participants were exhausted but satisfied after searching for shared understanding of concepts, designing methodologies and setting schedules. A plenty of learning, intensive debates, and a lot of laughter.


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