Developing development studies - Phase II

Duration: 2013–2015

Funding: CIMO and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Project leader: Tiina Kontinen (JY), Elina Oinas, consortium leader (University of Helsinki)

Developing Development Studies is a higher education institutions capacity-building project coordinated by the University of Helsinki. The main aim of the project is to support Institutes of Development Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and University of Zambia. The project supports upgrading the staff competencies up to a PhD level, development of curriculums for BA, Masters and PhD level, and establishment of an international office to the University of Zambia. The Master Programme for Development and International Cooperation and the International Office of the University of Jyväskylä have both been integral part of the project.

See: http://www.cimo.fi/program/hei_ici/projekter/developing_development_studies2

Members of the project Board: Dr. Adalgot Komba, University of Dar es Salaam; Dr. Moonga Mumba, University of Zambia; Dr, Tiina Kontinen, University of Jyvaskyla; Dr. Elina Oinas, University of Helsinki

Project coordinators: Milla Lohenohja (HU), Chrispin Matenga (UNZA), Dr. Colman Msoka (UDSM)

Recent publications:

Kilonzo, R. & Kontinen, T. (eds.) (2015) Contemporary Concerns in Development Studies: Perspectives from Tanzania and Zambia. Helsinki: University of Helsinki. Publications of the Department of Political and Economic Studies 23. http://hdl.handle.net/10138/154641

Komba, A., T. Kontinen, C. Matenga, C. Msoka, E. Oinas and G. Wayessa  (2015) Developing Development Studies: Uncertainty and Curiosity as Institutional Capacities in Higher Education. In: Higher Education Institutions Partnering for Development and Change, edited by S. Hölttä, A. Moore & E. Pekkola. Helsinki: Centre for International Mobility CIMO & University of Tampere.  http://www.cimo.fi/services/publications/heis_partnering_for_development_and_change