Publications since 2018

Saarinen, J. A. (forthcoming). Paintings as Solid Affective Scaffolds. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. (Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.)

Taipale, J. (2018) “The Unseen, the Discouraged, and the Outcast: Expressivity and the Foundations of Social Recognition”. SATS: Northern European Journal of Philosophy. (Forthcoming).

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Taipale, J. (2018). “Anonymity of the ‘Anyone’. The Associative Depths of Open Intersubjectivity”. In Frode Kjosavik and Christian Beyer (eds.): Husserl’s Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity: Historical Interpretations and Contemporary Applications. (Routledge Research in Phenomenology). London: Routledge. (Forthcoming).

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Taipale, J. (2018). "Sosiaalinen havainto: Affektiivisuus, empatia ja tunnustaminen" (Eng. Social Perception: Affectivity, empathy, and recognition). In H. Laiho and M. Tuominen (eds.): Havainto. University of Turku,  2018.

Relevant earlier publications

Saarinen, J. A. (2018). "A critical examination of existential feeling". Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 17 (2), 363-374. DOI: 10.1007/s11097-017-9512-4.

Saarinen, J. A. (2017). "Maalaaminen ja esteettinen resonanssi" (Eng. Painting and aesthetic resonance). Psykoanalyyttinen psykoterapia, 13, 6–12.

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Taipale, J. (2017). “The pain of granting otherness. Interoception and the differentiation of the object”. Gestalt Theory. An International Multidisciplinary Journal 39(2/3), 155–174. To download, click here.

Taipale, J. (2017) “The structure of group identification”. Topoi - An international Review of Philosophy, March 2017. 
For an online version: http://rdcu.be/qn2C.

Taipale, J. (2016). "From types to tokens: Empathy and typification”. In Thomas Szanto and Dermot Moran (eds.): Phenomenology of Sociality. Discovering the ‘We’. London: Routledge, pp. 143-158.