Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (EU FP7)


Principal investigator: Claudia Wiesner
Project supervisor: Kari Palonen
2010 - 2014

Project description:

The innovation of the project lies in applying a key insight from conceptual history to the EU: Political concepts are not stable, but their meanings are always contingent and controversial. This characteristic of political concepts is no weakness but an advantage for the understanding of concepts with regard to the EU multi-level-system: The EU is a changing polity and an object of actual political controversies. Therefore, an analysis of conceptual change and conceptual controversies in their different aspects will also offer us an improved understanding of the current controversies on the EU. But so far, conceptual history approaches have only rarely been applied to the EU.

The aims of the project are

1)   To extend the methodological insights of conceptual history on the contingent and controversial character of political concepts to past and present debates on the EU as a changing polity

2)  To systematically develop a research agenda for researching European Integration from the background of conceptual history methodology

3)  To analyse the EU-regime and its institutions in terms of the realisations and practices related to classical key concepts like Parliament, Government and Citizenship

4)  To establish a disciplinary link between conceptual history, Democratisation studies and European integration studies, supported by insights from constitutional law, philosophy, history, and linguistics.