Jeremy Gould

Professor Jeremy Gould is the project coordinator of the project. He has a PhD in Anthropology but he has worked most of his academic life in an interdisciplinary Development Studies environment. His primary geographical area of interest is Southern Africa, where he have carried out the bulk of my fieldwork. Zambia has provided my main field sites. His key current concern relates to the inter-relation of law and politics postcolonial African state formation. I have also worked on the politics of development aid, rural small-holder livelihood strategies and on the political dynamics of marginal rural communities.

Lalli Metsola

Dr. Lalli Metsola works in the project as a postdoctoral researcher. He has a long track record of studying Southern Africa, particularly Namibia. Within the project, his component focuses on the claims and policies concerning housing and basic amenities in the urban fringes of Windhoek and Gaborone.

Saana Hansen

Saana works in the project as a Doctoral student. Her research interests include internal and cross-border displacement in Sub-Saharan Africa, politics of belonging, identity building and state formation. In her ethnographic Doctoral Study she uses the return migration of Zimbabweans from neighbouring Southern African countries as an avenue for exploring the dynamics of returnee urban emplacement.