Subjectivity, Historicity, Communality

Project leader: Prof. Sara Heinämaa

Subjectivity, Historicity, Communality is a research community of scholars and doctoral students who are working in the broad field of contemporary phenomenology and post-phenomenology. The community is directed by professor Sara Heinämaa and it studies the structures of embodiment, intersubjectivity, political community, rationality, and normativity.

The unifying task of SHC is to understand contemporary developments in the discourse on Europe as well as the founding ideas of European rationality – the ideas of science, democracy, and universalism. The aim is to address the multiple “crises” of European reason by integrating the fields of phenomenological philosophy, political theory, and gender studies. SHC therefore tackles many different topics: sexual difference, embodiment and perception, sensibility and aesthetics, norms and normality, origins and dynamics of communities, multiculturalism, universalism vs. particularism, modern rationality and its limits, and the history of European sciences. At the same time the operative concepts and methods of phenomenology are subjected to critical inspection and exposed to alternative frameworks, most importantly those of deconstruction, structuralism, and Foucaultian genealogy.