Workshops Sessions

1st Sessions: Thursday 15:30 –

Creative possibilities (of public engagement)

Chair: Taina Meriluoto

Room: 208

Nick Mahony – Creative public administration: how the state can support the publics of ‘new democracy’
Stefan Busse – The Democratic Potential of Participatory Engineering
Taneli Heikka – Communication in civic technology innovation ecosystems
Jutta Virolainen – Reconceptualizing cultural participation in Finland. Analysis of the participatory turn in cultural policy
Uffe Jakobsen – “Reintroduce democracy in Greenland!” The decision on uranium mining and the participatory turn from parliamentary democracy to extraparliamentarism?

Local governance

Chair: Pertti Lappalainen

Room: 401

Asbjorn Röiseland et al. – Democratic legitimacy by performance? Trends, ideas and developments in local governance
Ritva Salminiitty – What democracy means to city councilors? City councilors´ conceptions of democracy in Turku
Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu & Bilgesu Sumer – Participation in Local Politics: Municipal Decision-Making in Turkey
Magnus Jonsson – Democratic Innovation and Gradual Institutional Change – The Case of Better Reykjavik

Different Spheres – different legitimations

Chair: Marja Keränen

Room: 405

Matt Wood & Matthew Flinders – Everyday Politics and the Transformation of Political Participation
Tapio Rantala – Democratic legitimacy of the forest sector and nature conservation decision-making in Finnish print media discussion
Stefan Sjöblom et al. – Inherently incompatible? Analyzing the potential of participatory approaches in supporting public sector performance (working title)
Martin Karlsson & al. – Did the Estonian Citizens’ assembly restore public trust in politicians? Evidence from a survey study

Martin Karlsson & al. – Can Democratic Innovations Generate Trust? An e-Petitioning Case Study


2nd Sessions: Friday 11:00 – 12.30

Perils of public engagement

Chair: Emilia Palonen

Room: 312

Mikko Rask et al. – What is innovativeness of public engagement?
Henrik Serup Christensen & Staffan Himmelroos – How does deliberative experience affect attitudes towards deliberative practices?
Kanerva Kuokkanen – The projectification, instrumentalisation and professionalisation of participation
Tuomo Kokkonen et al. – Active citizenship and participation as transformation of the Finnish welfare state

Movements and policy fields

Chair: Tapio Litmanen

Room: 208

Tapio Litmanen et al. – Risk Regulation Regimes and Civil Participation in Regulation: Analyzing Finnish and Swedish Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository Licensing Processes
Hanna-Kaisa Hoppania – Participation par excellence; what is it all worth?
Huang-ting Yan – Comparing the “Whiteshirts Movement” with the “Sunflower Student Movement”: Analysis from Issue Orientation and Party System
Päivi Rouvinen-Wilenius – Welfare and economy in NGO´S perspective

European Union policies and programmes

Chair: Sebastian Godenhjelm

Room: 405

Katja Mäkinen – Scales of participation in EU projects
Maija Halonen et al. – Building Community-led local development for urban area
Marko Nousiainen – Poverty programmes and the European participatory turn: EC/EU in search of ordo-liberal social policy

Petr Gongala & Kamil Gregor – Non-political voting


3rd Sessions: Friday 13.30 – 15.00

Cross-border populations

Chair: Marjukka Weide

Room: 208

Anna Björk – Naturalisation and the concept of citizenship
Margarita Sakilayan-Latvala & Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin – Qutomo Project: Facilitating integration of migrants through dialogue
Melis Ari Gürhanli – We all count? – Political participation of the immigrant population in Finland
Johanna Peltoniemi – Low Level of Turnout: Result from Lack of Motivation or Lack of Possibility? Expatriate Finns as Political Participants

Delib Theory

Chair: Lauri Siisiäinen

Room: 312

Heike Hermanns – The challenges of turning episodic protest into deliberative and participatory channels: The South Korean experience
Marian Sekerak – Towards A Worldwide (deliberative) Democracy? Catholic  Social Teaching and the Idea of Global Governance
Maria Svanström – New Perspectives on Political Equality
Dawid Bunikowski Finland’s ground-breaking decision on natural resources management in Lapland: being caught in the middle between nation state and indigenous self-determination

Parliaments, social movements, media

Chair: Stefan Sjöblom

Room: 405

Titus Febrianto Adi Nugroho – How the “Fourth Estate” Reinforces the Democratization Process in the World’s Third Largest Democracy
Hyen Su Seo & Tapio Raunio – How open, accessible and permeable is the Eduskunta to the public? Assessing the relationship between parliament and citizens in Finland