Marja Keränen

I started my studies in political science with a focus on administration and have found myself returning to administrative matters. My current research deals with the relations between democracy and governance. As my methodological approach mainly focuses on textual and rhetorical analysis, I find it interesting to study how democracy is now talked about and how it is conceptualized in terms of ‘new democracy’ and governance. As a researcher I wish to promote discussion about democracy in a multilevel, globalized world.

I received my PhD on the topic of the rhetoric of political science and its relationship to women´s studies from the University of Jyväskylä in 1994. I have worked as a teacher of political science at the universities of Åbo, Umeå, Helsinki and Jyväskylä. At the University of Jyväskylä I was a reader and professor of political science. I have also spent periods of time working as a researcher for the Finnish Academy and have been a visiting scholar at the universities of Manchester, the London School of Economics, the Open University UK and the research institute SCAS in Uppsala, Sweden. I started my studies in political science with a focus on administration and am interested in returning to administrative matters.

Research Projects

  1. Muddy Waters: Democracy and Governance in a Multilevel Society, Academy of Finland 2008-2012
  2. The Politics of Participation and Legitimation of Democracy in the European Union, Kone Foundation 2013 -

Human Interest

For the past five years I have been renovating an old cottage in the countryside, with a cow barn, a henhouse, some sheds, a drying barn and, of course, a sauna. I am also trying to learn how to grow vegetables, herbs and other plants.

Selected Publications

  • Is the political process a part of politics or government? (Onko politiikkaprosessi politiikkaa vai hallintoa?) forthcoming in Häikiö et. al
  • Autonomy for all seasons (Autonomiaa joka lähtöön), (2013) in Palonen, Kari, Ahonen Pertti & Paul-Erik Korvela (Eds.)
  • Europeanization, Care and Gender, - Global Complexities (ed. by Marja Keränen, Hanne Marlene Dahl & Anne Kovalainen); Palgrave 2011.
  • Poliittisen osallistumisen epäpolitisoituminen (Depolitization of Political Participation), teoksessa Korvela, Paul-Erik & Kia Lindroos (toim.) Avauksia poliittiseen ajatteluun. Minerva 2008.
  • Vertaileva ja poikkikulttuurinen tutkimus, Kaksi tapaa lähestyä muita maita Comparative and cross-cultural research, Two ways of approaching other countries).  Politiikka 2/2001, 82-92.
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