Pertti Lappalainen

I have worked as a University Lecturer on the Master’s Programme in Civil Society and Civic Activity from the very beginning, as the programme was formed in 2007. My task in the Superdemocracy project is to concentrate on the so called civic concepts. The background of my focus lies in the dissatisfaction with the way that some concepts are used very heterogeneously in the practical and academic discussions. If I have enough time my aim is to elaborate various concepts (citizen action, citizen participation, citizen engagement and participative integration) and how they are related to the various forms of civic activity which I use as an ‘umbrella’ conception. I will have an opportunity to concentrate fully on research when I am on leave for half a year at a time in 2014 and 2015.

Before the vacancy in Jyväskylä I worked for over twenty years in various positions at the University of Tampere. My main research interests there were political theory and the theory of civic activity. I am also a docent of Political Science at the Universities of Tampere and Jyväskylä.

Human Interest

In my free time, I enjoy doing crossword puzzles. They have made me realise how many curious words there are in the Finnish language, many of which are probably generated from ancient dialects. When I want to feel the sensation of catharsis, I use my exercise bike. When I try to take pleasure in fresh air, walking sticks and the peaceful streets and paths are indispensable. Old rock music makes me feel almost young again.

Selected Publications

  • Politiikan mahdollistuminen. Osallistuminen, suverenitetti ja pluralistinen valtioteoria. [Realisation of Politics – Paticipation, Sovereignty and the Pluralistic Theory of the State]. Acta Universitasis Tamperensis, ser A, vol 348. Tampere 1992.
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  • The Internet as a Forum for Multiple Styles of Political Activities. In Jarmo Rinne and Tapio Häyhtiö (eds.): Net Working/Networkin: Citizen Initiated Internet Politics. Tampere University Press 2008.
  • Rakenteista fragmentteihin, tiedosta toimintaan – suomalaisen kansalaisaktivismin tyylien ja niiden kontekstien muutoksista [From Structures to Fragments -  of the Changes of the Styles of Finnish Civic Activity and their Contexts]. Politiikka, 4/2000.
  • Internet kansalaisten politiikassa [The Internet in Citizen’s Politics]. Politiikka, 1/2008.
  • Breaking the Traditional Style of Finnish Civic Activity. Alternatives, 1/2010.
  • Two Ways to Produce Civil Society. ISTR Conference Working Papes Series, VOLUME VIII - Siena, Italy, 2012.