Marjukka Weide

My doctoral dissertation project focuses on political citizenship in the context of Finnish and Danish immigrant incorporation policies. I analyze various administrative, political and legal texts that define which knowledge, skills, values and deeds are expected of the migrants who are to be incorporated. I am particularly interested in examining what kind of expectations the texts discursively construct with regard to ‘good citizenship’ and participation in political life. I find these constructions intriguing, as they disclose what is regarded as essential to know and do in these societies, and what kind of qualities newcomers are assumed to lack. I assess the representations with the help of theories of democracy, citizenship and governance. Case studies on central policy documents within incorporation policy and documents related to language and civics courses in two countries contribute to critical policy analysis, both in the area of immigrant incorporation and political participation.

Since receiving my M.Soc.Sc. degree in 2008, I have had the opportunity to gain experience of various different tasks at the Swedish School of Social Science, which is part of the University of Helsinki. My most recent temporary positions were Planning Officer for International Study Affairs and University Instructor in Political Science. I have also worked as a PhD candidate, and have been involved in the Finnish Political Science Association as a secretary and a member of the board. During 2011 and 2012, I had the opportunity to visit the University of Southern Denmark for eight months, supported by the NCoE NordWel’s mobility grant.

Human Interest

In my free time, I enjoy folk and world music, arts and crafts and spending time with friends. I am keen to try new hobbies – although some last longer than others. Once a month, my husband and I are visited by a seven-year-old for a weekend and, thanks to the City of Helsinki volunteering programme, we have the privilege of doing all kinds of fun kiddy activities on a regular basis.

Selected Publications

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  • Weide, M. & Onasch, E. “Teaching integration in France and Finland: A comparison of national discourses within civic integration programmes”. In Migrations and welfare states : Policies, discourses and institutions. Jønsson , H. V., Onasch, E., Pellander, S. & Wickström, M. (Eds.). University of Helsinki, Nordic Centre of Excellence NordWel, 2013, 174-215.
  • Martikainen, T., Wass, H. & Weide, M. Äänestysaktiivisuus ja puolueiden kannatus vuoden 2012 kunnallisvaaleissa Helsingissä - Valdeltagandet och partiernas väljärstöd i Helsingfors kommunalval hösten 2012. Kvartti : Helsingin kaupungin tietokeskuksen neljännesvuosijulkaisu, 2013, 17-36.
  • Weide, M. Maahanmuuttaneet vaaleissa. Politiikka 53 (1), 2011, 55-62.
  • Ahokas, L., Weide, M. & Wilhelmsson, N. Maahanmuuttajien yhteiskunnallisen osallistumisen tukeminen julkishallinnossa ja puolueissa. Oikeusministeriö (Selvityksiä ja ohjeita 9), 2011.