Theorising the European polity, 10th Jyväskylä Symposium on Political Thought and Conceptual Change, 11–12 June, 2015

10th Jyväskylä Symposium on Political Thought and Conceptual Change

11-12 June 2015


Doctoral Seminar

10 June 2015

Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä

Organised by the FiDiPro project Transformations of Concepts and Institutions in the European Polity (TRACE)


Theorising the European polity: Conceptual and institutional transformations

Keynote speakers:

Dario Castiglione (University of Exeter)

Michael Freeden (University of Nottingham)

Claudia Wiesner (Marburg University)


Wed 10 June

Building: Agora

Room: C132

15.15 Miika Raudaskoski (University of Eastern Finland): Conceptual Change of Borders in Finland

15.45 Yoav Shemer-Kunz (University of Strasbourg & VU University Amsterdam): The European Parliament and the Politicisation of EU international Trade Policies


16.15-16.45 Coffee


16.45  Sonja Alapiha (University of Jyväskylä): Analysing the EU’s Rhetoric and Conceptual Change of Recent History

17.15 Caroline Werner (University of Helsinki): Towards a model of reparliamentarisation in the context of EU multi-level governance: the missing link

17.45 Final comments


Thu 11 June

Building: Agora

Room: Alfa




10.15 Opening of the symposium: Niilo Kauppi

10.30 Keynote speaker: Dario Castiglione (University of Exeter): The EU and the language of Political Theory

11.15 Discussion


“Institutions and institutional innovations”

11.30 Niilo Kauppi (University of Jyväskylä & CNRS): The circulation and institutionalisation of the Ombudsman in the EU

12.00 Hilkka Summa (University of Helsinki): Modus operandi of the European Civil Service: Observations on the Organisation and Working Culture of the Commission

12.30-13.30 Lunch




13.30 Keynote speaker: Claudia Wiesner (Marburg University): Conceptualising the EU regime: Histories, Concepts, Controversies

14.15 Discussion


“Histories and Conceptions”

14.30 Félix Blanc (EHESS, Paris & University of Nice): Towards the adoption of a peace regime after World War II: the European Union?

15.00 Mikhail Ilyin (National research university HSE, Moscow): Conceptual map of Europe revisited


15.30 Coffee


“Parliamentarism and multi-level politics”

16.00 Kari Palonen (University of Jyväskylä): Inter-parliamentary goverment for the European Union

16.30 Willy Beauvallet (Lumière University Lyon 2): The European Parliament and the politicization of the European Union: contradictions of representative positions

17.00 Michael Kull (Natural resources institute Finland): Multi-Level Governance and Structural Constructivism – Understanding Multilevel Politics in the European Union


19.00 Dinner


Fri 12 June

Building: Agora

Room: Delta




9.15 Keynote speaker: Michael Freeden (University of Nottingham): Excuse me, does anyone speak European?

10.00 Discussion


“Interpreting human action and political community”

10.15: Michal Gierycz (University of Warsaw): Two Anthropologies and Two Visions of Europe

10.45 Marko Nousiainen (University of Jyväskylä): Political interpretations on the European participatory turn: Europeanisation, Americanisation and ordo-liberalisation of social action


11.15 Roundtable: Reflections on theorising European Polity (Claudia Wiesner, Michael Freeden, Dario Castiglione & Niilo Kauppi)


12.15 Lunch


“Interpreting human action and political community” (continued)

13.15 Hanna-Mari Kivistö (University of Jyväskylä): Non-citizenship, rights and rights persuasion in Europe

13.45 Petri Koikkalainen (University of Lapland): Political Science or Sciences of the Polity? On the Conceptual and Empirical Relevance of the Political Community for Political Studies

14.15 Final comments