Launching Seminar of the FiDiPro project


Concepts, Debates, and Institutions in the European Polity

Launching Seminar of the FiDiPro project “Transformations of Concepts and Institutions in the European Polity” (TRACE); Academy of Finland Distinguished Professorship of Niilo Kauppi, 2015-2019

Friday 23 January, 2015

13h – 16h

Building: Y 33

Room: 135

This first TRACE seminar aims at opening up the field that will be explored by the team members. It focuses on three of the project’s core notions: Concepts, Debates and Institutions in the European Polity. The concepts of research and university, and academic as well as political institutions, will be linked to the intellectual history approach to political debates for which Jyväskylä political science is known. In the past few decades, the revival of analysis of academic and political debates and their historical and cultural contexts has experienced a major intellectual resurgence. Debates take place in certain historically formed, more or less institutionalized contexts. The seminar’s aims are to present the research that will be pursued by the team members Prof. Kari Palonen, Dr. Taru Haapala, PD Dr. Claudia Wiesner and Prof. Niilo Kauppi, and to engage in a dialogue with Prof. Alan Finlayson as well as with Jyväskylä faculty members and guests. The papers presented by the members of the TRACE project explore debates in contexts that vary from national cultural traditions to more institutional contexts such as debating societies, parliaments and policy networks.


Chair. Niilo Kauppi

Discussant. Alan Finlayson

Kari Palonen. Skinner’s Forensic Shakespeare – Implications for Academic and Parliamentary Politics

Taru Haapala. Political Rhetoric in British Debating Societies

Claudia Wiesner. The Comparative Analysis of Parliamentary Debates

Niilo Kauppi.  Debating University Rankings