Research groups and projects

Political institutions, participation and conceptual change


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Gender and Philosophy

Intellectual Traditions in Ethics and Politics

Jyväskylä Research Group on Civil Society (JYRES)

Politics and the Art (Polarts)


East-West Conceptual contestations Project leader: Prof. Pekka Korhonen

Epistemic Transitions in Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science Project leader: Jari Kaukua

The Great Turn of Ethno-Politics? A comparative study of the governance of native peoples in the Nordic countries and the North America from 1850s to 1930s Project leader: Prof. Miikka Pyykkönen

Growth into Citizenship in Civil Society Encounters Project leaders: Tiina Kontinen & Katariina Holma (University of Eastern Finland)

Hybridity in African civil society organizations: Examples from Tanzania and Uganda Project leader: Academy research fellow Tiina Kontinen

The Intellectual Heritage of Radical Cultural Conservatism Project leader: Prof. Mika Ojakangas

Knowledge in Post-Avicennian Islamic Philosophy Project leader: Postdoctoral researcher Jari Kaukua

Philosophy and Politics of Recognition Project leader: Onni Hirvonen

Political Power in the Early Modern European and Islamic Worlds Principal investigator: Vasileios Syros

Post-liberal government and popular claim-making in Southern Africa Project leader: Prof. Jeremy Gould

Self, other and communities – Besinnung in Husserl’s phenomenology Project leader: PhD, Docent Mirja Hartimo

Subjectivity, Historicity, Communality Project leader: Prof. Sara Heinämaa

"Superdemocracy" - A Critical Assessment of the Participative Turn Project leader: Prof. Marja Keränen

Transformations of Concepts and Institutions in the European Polity (TRACE) Project leader: Prof. Niilo Kauppi


Concluded projects

Sustainability and social transformations


Civil Society and Citizenship in Development (CitDe) Dr Tiina Kontinen

Cultural policy Prof. Miikka Pyykkönen

Digital Life Prof. Terhi-Anna Wilska

Food System Studies Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Time, social relations and working life Dr Timo Anttila

UniPID Finnish University Partnership for International Development 


DIGI 50+ Project leader: Prof. Terhi-Anna Wilska

Enterprising Finland - Revisiting the attempts to solve the crisis of economy, welfare and citizenship through entrepreneurship Project leader: Prof. Miikka Pyykkönen

Future Food Security in Finland – Identifying and Analysing Vulnerability Aspects in the Finnish Food System Project leader: Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Protecting Mobility through Improving Labour Rights Enforcement in Europe (PROMO) Project leader: Prof. Nathan Lillie

Remembering Migration Project Leader: Academy research fellow Karina Horsti

Risk-Net, Project leader: Prof. Tapio Litmanen

ScenoProt Project Leader: Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Social Inequalities and Discourses of Violence. Current Controversies in Finnish Online Forums and Discussions among Welfare State Professionals Project leader: Tuija Virkki

"Social license to operate": A real tool or rhetoric? Examining the mining industry in Finland, Australia and Canada Project leader: Academy research fellow Tapio Litmanen

Time is Money? Schedules, time negotiations, time coordination and ICT in family (FamilyTies) Project leader: Mia Tammelin

TRANSMANGO: Assessment of the impact of drivers of change on Europe's food and nutrition security Principal investigator: Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Labour Mobility in the EU: a Migrant Centered Study of Estonia-Finland and Albania-Italy Labour Mobility (IC) Principal investigator: University lecturer Nathan Lillie


Concluded projects