Research Group on Care Policy (CARPO)

Research Group on Care Policy (CARPO) focuses in its research on the ongoing transformations of the welfare state, demography, social values, and family and labour market structures, analyzing the effects that these societal changes have for the opportunities of individuals and families to build well-functioning care arrangements. Care policies are examined from three different key perspectives: whether they meet the users’ needs and promote their well-being and self-determination; whether they support family members and enable work-family reconciliation; and whether they provide decent working conditions that make the provision of quality care possible for care workers.

Our research addresses the whole sphere of care concerning different user groups (older people, families with children, disabled people), provider sectors (public, non-profit, for-profit) and degrees of formalization (formal, semi-formal, informal). Our work highlights also a number of issues that are closely linked with care, such as gender, housing, living environments, technology, and encountering violence. A large part of our research is international by its character, comparing policies and practices in Nordic, European and global contexts. We are active participants in a number of international research networks and projects and welcome new ideas for collaboration.

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