Placing women? How locality shapes women's opportunities for reconciling work and care

Tiina Sihto, Doctoral student

In my PhD project, I'm interested in exploring the role of locality in the possibilities and obstacles women face in reconciling work and care. My dissertation consists of research articles where the influence of various local processes, such as the local labour market and the local gender contract, in combining work and care is analysed in further detail. In my work I'm interested in the ways the local trajectories of women’s work-care reconciliation differ from the country average - how local, even though always connected to national development, has its' own distinctive nature.

Focus of my work is on working women who have elderly relative(s) with care needs and/or child(ren) under school age. The data used in the thesis is from FLOWS research project (The Impact of Local Welfare Systems on Female Labour Force Participation and Social Cohesion, EU FP7, 2011-2014), consisting both quantitative and qualitative data from the city of Jyväskylä.