COREAA - Construction and Reconstruction in Authorship in the Arts

The research project Construction and Reconstruction in Authorship in the Arts (COREAA) takes up with new definitions of authorship in the arts, the concept of which has gone through significant changes during the last decades. The topic is examined in both Cultural Policy and Art History on questions about the artis't profession taking shape, new demands for authorship as result of the new technology, the role of cultural participation and the relationship of art works and authorship to the mechanisms of production.

The research project creates an interdisicplinary research environment, searching for a common theoretical ground in Cultural Policy and Art Historu in the field of art. The research project questions the influence of views on art on cultural policy, and vice versa, the share of desicions in cultural policy in the making of art. The final goal of the research project is a human-social view on ways of examining the agents of the art world in a changed and changing environment.

The theoretical starting point for the research project as a whole is an action model, according to which the research questions are generated refining each the relations to the model. The model consists of a triangle relationship of artist, art work and public, with aspects of professionalism and hobby, relation of communication and commercializing of artistic ideas and creation.

Project is financed by Finnish Academy.


  • Kangas, Anita, Professor (new technology and art institutions)
  • Waenerberg, Annika, Professor (art history)
  • Kalvina, Inga, Researcher (cultural participation)
  • Simanainen, Niina, Researcher (new media)
  • Jämsänen, Auli, Researcher
  • Marjanen, Ilkka, Researcher