Harjunen, Hannele

Postdoctoral Researcher | Gender Studies

Tel: 040 805 4131
Room: Y 33 311 (Ylistönmäentie 33)
Consultation hour: Wed 10-11





I received my PhD in gender studies from the University of Jyväskylä in 2009. In my doctoral thesis, ”Women and Fat: Approaches to the Social Study of Fatness”, my starting point was the conception of fatness as a multifaceted, gendered, and socially constructed phenomenon and experience. As a researcher, I am interested in the research of body and emobodiment, in particular from the point of view of gendered and normative power. In recent years I have been interested in the intersectional theory. From 2007 until 2009 I worked as a researcher in an EU –research project:  The Quality of Gender + Equality Policies in the EU at the University of  Umeå in the Umeå Centre for Gender Research in Sweden.

My post-doctoral research project ”The Construction of Neoliberal Bodies” deals with the effects of neoliberal economy and policies to conceptions of the body and embodied experience.


Fatty Foods and Fat Bodies: Diversification of Ideals and Practices of Healthy Eating (Ravinnon rasva ja lihavuus: terveellisen syömisen ideaalien ja käytäntöjen moninaistuminen) 2011—2014.

Recent publications

  • Maria Carbin, Hannele Harjunen & Elin Kvist,  "(In) appropriate Mothers: Policy discourses on fertility treatment for lesbians in Denmark, Finland and Sweden." In Judith Takcas & Roman Kuhar (eds.), Doing Family: Gay and Lesbian family practices. Slovenia: Mirovni Institute, 2012.
  • Hannele Harjunen, "Lihavuus yhteiskunnallisena kysymyksenä." In Hannele Harjunen & Tuija Saresma  (eds.), Sukupuoli. Nyt!: Neuvotteluja ja purkamisia. Jyväskylä: Kampus Kustannus, 2012.
  • Publications in TUTKA