Pankakoski, Timo

Tutkijatohtori - Postdoctoral Researcher | Valtio-oppi - Political Science

timo.pankakoski@jyu.fi , timo.pankakoski@helsinki.fi





Some of the key points of my research activity are political conflict as a political-theoretical and historical question, German 20th-century political thought, conservative political thought, methodological aspects of the history of ideas, conceptual history and metaphorology, as well as the points of convergence between politics and literature. My doctoral dissertation dealt with the question of politics as conflict in the thought of the German political theorist Carl Schmitt as well as the methodological implications of this view for the work of the conceptual historian Reinhart Koselleck. In my licentiate thesis I scrutinized Max Weber’s political theory from the perspective of conflict and analyzed his use of military metaphors.



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  • Timo Pankakoski, “Carl Schmitt Versus the ‘Intermediate State’: International and Domestic Variants”, History of European Ideas 39:2, 2013, 241-266.
  • Timo Pankakoski, “Conflict, Context, Concreteness: Koselleck and Schmitt on Concepts”, Political Theory 38:6, December 2010, 749-779.