Kaukua Jari, Academy Research Fellow

Kaukua Jari, Academy Research Fellow

My main area of research is medieval philosophy, especially the Arabic philosophical and theological tradition from the eleventh century CE onwards. I have published mostly on questions of epistemology and philosophy of mind, but I also work on metaphysics, philosophical theology and ethics.

I am currently engaged in researching the revisions that Avicenna’s Peripatetic cognitive psychology and theory of science underwent in its major twelfth century critics, such as Abū al-Barakāt al-Baghdādī, Shihāb al-Dīn al-Suhrawardī, and Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī. Closely related to this, I am conducting a broad survey of the ishrāqī tradition of commentaries on Suhrawardī. Finally, I am investigating the parallel discussions of scientific methodology and the moral worth of knowledge acquisition in the Arabic scientific literature and theoretical Sufism, respectively

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