Koivusalo Markku, Postdoctoral Researcher

Koivusalo Markku, Postdoctoral Researcher
Political Science

My research profile is broad but at the same time focused to the question of political conceptualizations. My main interest is how politics and political had been conceptualized and political thought-patterns historically structured in western political experience and in the practices of power directing the conduct of men. What are the relations of these thought-patterns and power practices to the scientific, economic, artist and religious historical systems of thought? I have designated this general research question as the problem of political anthropology. Methodologically I have interest to relate philosophical questions to the historical and social research and have tried to develop an approach named critical political anthropology, which would differ both from the political philosophy practiced as normative moral philosophy as also from political science practiced in the form of unreflective empirical studies.

Under this general approach I have written and lectured extensively on ancient and modern political thought and theory, especially on Hannah Arendt, Leo Strauss, Max Weber, Carl Schmitt, Walter Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben. I have also specialized in the thought of Michel Foucault and wrote my dissertation on the historical structure and limits of his own system of thought.

My latest research project The Age of Extreme Political Thought investigates the extreme conceptualizations of politics in modern world as their relation to the radical cultural conservatism.

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