Palonen Kari, Professor

Palonen Kari, Professor
Political Science

I am teaching political science at the University of Jyväskylä since 1978, Associate Professor in 1983 and full Professor 1993, with an emeritus status since January 2015. I have been Academy of Finland Professor for two periods (August 1998-July 2003; 2008-2012) and director of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change (2006-2011). I am editor-in-chief of Redescriptions (Manchester UP journal), co-founder of the History of Concepts Group, editor (with Claudia Wiesner) of the book series Politics – Concepts – Debates / Politik – Begriffe – Debatten (Nomos). I have supervised 25 PhD theses.

My intellectual profile is internationally well recognised in four interrelated fields of research: the history of the concept of politics, the principles and methods of conceptual history (Quentin Skinner and Reinhart Koselleck), the political thought and methodology of Max Weber, and, political theory, rhetoric and conceptual history of parliamentarism. The fields refer to different historical layers of my research interests. Currently my focus lies in studies on parliamentary procedure, rhetoric and the parliamentary mode of thinking and next I plan to study the uses of politics as a concept in European English- French- and German-language parliamentary debates.

Recent books: The Politics of Parliamentary Procedure. The formation of the Westminster procedure as a parliamentary ideal type. Leverkusen: Budrich 2014, 274 p.; Politics and Conceptual Histories. Rhetorical and Temporal Perspectives. Baden-Baden: Nomos  & London: Bloomsbury 2014, 348 p.; The Struggle with Time. A Conceptual History of Politics as an Activity, 2. Edition with a New Preface. Münster: LIT 2014, i-xxiv + 342 p; Kari Palonen & José María Rosales & Tapani Turkka (eds.), The Politics of Dissensus. Parliament in Debate. Santander: University of Cantabria Press/ McGraw Hill, 520 p.; Parlamentarismi retorisena politiikkana. Tampere: Vastapaino 2012; Rhetorik des Unbeliebten. Lobreden auf Politiker im Zeitalter der Demokratie. Baden-Baden: Nomos 2012.„Objektivität“ als faires Spiel. Wissenschaft als Politik bei Max Weber. Baden-Baden: Nomos 2010.