Soininen Suvi, Postdoctoral Researcher

Political Science

I have studied Michael Oakeshott's political 'practice', philosophy and theory for some 15 years now. I have been especially interested in changes in his vocabulary and their philosophical nuances during his long career. I have researched also the connection between parliamentary politics and Oakeshott's conception of political activity and his role in the so-called linguistic turn. I have been interested in British political theory in general and have written e.g., on such authors as Isaiah Berlin and Quentin Skinner and (their) conceptions of freedom and parliamentary theory more widely.

Recently, I have studied mass democracy theories both in comparison to classic parliamentary theories and 'our' political situation today. At the moment I am moving to a quite new direction in my research (or returning to 1998s when I compared Oakeshott to Orwell's 1984) by trying to incorporate some famous science fiction novelists such as Margaret Atwood, Aldous Huxley and Kurt Vonnegut and such phenomena as subliminal stimulation, disinformation and Frommian escape from freedom to my analysis of contemporary state of Western political 'democracies' and their least partly illusionary nature and flattening tendencies. In these studies I intend to more intensively to utilise my earlier studies on sociology and social psychology in addition to politology.

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