Preda Caterina

University of Bucharest

Caterina Preda is Senior University Lecturer (tenured) at the Department of Political Science, University of Bucharest. Caterina teaches courses on Latin American politics, Art and politics and Cultural memory in South America and Eastern Europe. Her research deals most importantly with art in dictatorships, artistic memory in post-dictatorships in South America and Eastern Europe, cultural memory, post-communism, Latin American studies.

She is currently coordinating a research project (2015-2017) that deals with the case of the Romanian Visual Artists Union ”From the state artist to the state dependent on the state: the Union of Visual Artists (of Romania) 1950-2010 – the Bucharest branch.”

Her most recent publications are: “Forms of collaboration of visual artists in Communist Romania of the 190s and 1980s” in Hungarian Historical Review, 4 (1), 2015, 171-196 and ”Le role de la nostalgie dans la mémoire artistique du passé communiste dans la Roumanie contemporaine”, Canadian Slavonic Papers, 2015, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00085006.2015.1092709

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