Research projects

Collaborative remedies for fragmented societies - facilitating the collaborative turn in environmental decision-making (CORE). WP 3: Civil society, participation and political legitimacy. (Academy of Finland 2018-2021) Leader: Tapio Litmanen

Growth into citizenship in civil society encounters (GROW) (Academy of Finland 2015-2019). Leader: Tiina Kontinen

Hybridity in African civil society organizations: Examples from Tanzania and Uganda (Academy of Finland Research Fellow project 2016-2021). Leader: Tiina Kontinen

ScenoProt: Novel protein sources for food security. WP4: Socioeconomic and environmental sustainability (Academy of Finland 2015-2020). Leader: Tiina Silvasti

Social License to operate: A real tool or rhetoric? Examining the mining industry in Finland, Australia and Canada (Academy of Finland 2014-2018). Leader: Tapio Litmanen, project researcher: Tuija Jartti

Theory and practice of learning to be a citizen: Experiences from Tanzania and Uganda. Consortium: Theory and practice of learning in civil society (CS_Learn) (Academy of Finland 2018-2022). Leader: Tiina Kontinen