DIGI 50+ is a multidisciplinary project that aims to help businesses utilise the potential of mature consumers (ages 50–65) in digital and physical environments. The project brings together sociology, marketing, lifespan psychology, computer science and service design. The project is coordinated from the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, in cooperation with the School of Business and Economics (Marketing), Gerontology Research Center (Department of Health Sciences) and Agora Center at the University of Jyväskylä.

The project examines how late middle-aged consumers’ everyday life, values and emotions, and changes in life-course could be better taken into account in the servicescape. We are specifically interested in how different services should be designed in order to meet the needs of mature consumers in digital and physical environments.  In addition to the information for commercial purposes, the research produces knowledge and insights on important social questions. In the future, many services will be shifted from the public sector to private service providers. We need information, understanding and new ideas about the way services and their design will affect the wellbeing of citizens in different age groups.

The consumption of different products and services is linked to the trajectory of an individual’s life-course. In consumer research to date, life-course transitions have rarely been the focus. In this project, therefore, we presume that successful business innovations are based on a better understanding of consumers’ everyday life, which is gained from an interactive approach to the development of products and services as well as by recognising customer activity.