Cooperation with the project Peurunka

The project DIGI 50+ is cooperating with the Spa Hotel Peurunka. The project Peurunka studies attitudes, valuations and consumer habits of over 50-year-old consumers in the framework of wellbeing and wellness services. The interest is especially in mature consumers' attitudes towards digital devices and services within wellness consumption. The project is funded by JYPE and will be conducted in 2015.

The cooperation with the Spa Hotel Peurunka enables the collection of customer-oriented data that provides deeper understanding of mature consumers. The research project gives contribution to development of customer-oriented wellness services in physical and digital environments. Moreover, it provides information of user experiences of mature consumers and gives suggestions for marketers for improving their customer-related approach in wellbeing and wellness services.

Contact information:

Project leader, professor Terhi-Anna Wilska; terhi-anna.wilska[a]jyu.fi, +35840 805 4201

Doctoral student, M.Soc.Sc. Veera Koskinen; veera.k.koskinen[a]jyu.fi, +35840 805 4739