Transnational Work and Evolution of Sovereignty & Industrial Citizenship projects

Back: Erka Caro, Sonila Danaj and Laura Mankki, front: Nathan Lillie and Markku Sippola

Lisa Berntsen                        Ines Wagner

This stream of research is a combination of two interrelated projects: Transnational Work and the Evolution of Sovereignty and Industrial Citizenship (TWES) and Labour Mobility in the EU: a Migrant Centered Study of Estonia-Finland and Albania-Italy Labour Mobility (IC). The former project, funded by European Research Council, investigates the phenomenon of posted workers in EU context, and the   development of territorial spaces that allow firms to compromise national industrial relations systems. The latter project, funded by the Academy of Finland, equally takes a European-wide perspective to examine labour mobility within the EU (from Estonia to Finland) and from non-EU country to EU country (from Albania to Italy). The aim of the latter project is to analyse whether and when the labour migrants in the EU can obtain ‘industrial citizenship’ – an extension to civil, political and social citizenships – and to what extent it is compatible with post-national EU citizenship. The TWES project runs from the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2014 and the IC project from 2013 to 2017.


Konnevesi workshop on “Marketization and Neoliberal Restructuring in Europe