Industrial Citizenship and Labour Mobility in the EU

Industrial Citizenship and Labour Mobility in the EU: a Migrant Centered Study of Estonia-Finland and Albania-Italy Labour Mobility (the Academy of Finland’s Project Grant 265572)


Timing: from 9-2013 to 9-2017



This is a project which will compare the experience of industrial citizenship during labour migration from Estonia to Finland and Albania to Italy from the perspective of the migrant. Industrial citizenship, following TH Marshall, is participation in the economic decision making of society via institutions of industrial democracy. As with citizenship generally, the concept is very focused around the relationship of individuals to particularly states and societies, and is thus at tension with labour mobility. The European Union has sought to support labour mobility and pan-EU citizenship, but at the same time has contested the foundations of industrial citizenship.  Our goal is to see how and to what extent industrial citizenship can be realized by mobile workers within the EU, and from outside, and to what degree industrial citizenship is compatible with post-national EU citizenship. We are doing this by extended  conversations with the people for whom EU industrial citizenship would be most relevant: transnationally mobile workers. We will conduct biographic interviews of Albanians mobile to Italy, and Estonians mobile to Finland, interviewing each individual on three occasions, follow their movements over a period of three years. These interviews will be coded and analyzed using qualitative data analysis software, to compare the experiences of EU and non-EU migrants in securing their industrial citizenship rights.