Linked Ageing: Interdependencies in Housing and Care in the Course of Later Life (LinkAGE)

Principal investigator: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Project team: Dr. Outi Jolanki, PhD Candidate Paula Vasara, PhD Candidate Emilia Leinonen, PhD Candidate Jiby Mathew Puthenparambil

Funding: Academy of Finland

Project period: 1 September 2016 - 31 August 2020

This study analyses housing and care of older people through the concept of ’linked lives’, coming from life course theory, examining social interdependencies and their temporal development. The aim of the study is to find out how housing and care arrangements are linked to social and physical environments and, in particular, to life courses of family members, other relatives, friends and neighbors. The ’linked lives’ approach is extended here from an analysis of social relations to cover also the connections between everyday lives of older people and the changing provisions of the welfare state. The study adopts a longitudinal approach, collecting and analyzing longitudinal quantitative as well as qualitative data (longitudinal surveys, interviews and case studies). Overall, the study aims to develop a novel understanding on how older people and their housing and care arrangements are shaped by various life events and environments but how older people nevertheless shape their lives.