Eskelinen Teppo, Yliopistonlehtori/University Lecturer

Eskelinen Teppo, Yliopistonlehtori/University Lecturer
Kehitystutkimus/Development and International Cooperation (D&IC)
Opinkivi 315.1

Research themes

Throughout the years, my main field of research has been global justice and development. This includes applications of theories of justice in the global context, critical development theory, and development policy. Many of my publications relate to extreme poverty as a problem for ethics and/or policy design.

My other major research area is political economy broadly understood. I have published on the relation between the economy and democracy, the politics of finance, taxation, and alternative economic systems. I also have a long-term interest in the classics of heterodox economics.

As I try to be a social scientist with a broad scope, I have written occasional publications also on social movements, climate, and labour issues. Currently, I am also a member of the research team Utopia as Method.

Recent publications (2016-)


Eskelinen, Teppo & Perkiö, Johanna (2017) Micro-investment perspective and the potential of universal basic income. Development policy review (available ahead of print)

Eskelinen, Teppo & Jonker-Hoffrén, Paul (2017) Taloustiede episteemisenä yhteisönä ja kamppailu asiantuntijuudesta.  Poliittinen talous 5 (1)

Eskelinen, Teppo & Ylönen, Matti (2017) Panama and the WTO. New constitutionalism of trade policy and global tax governance. Review of International Political Economy 24:4, 629-656.

Eskelinen, Teppo (2017) Tehostaminen ja ekonomismin politiikka. Teoksessa Eskelinen, Harjunen, Hirvonen & Jokinen (toim.) Tehostamistalous. Sophi, Jyväskylä.

Eskelinen, Teppo; Harjunen, Hannele; Hirvonen, Helena & Jokinen, Eeva (toim.) (2017) Tehostamistalous. Sophi, Jyväskylä.

Eskelinen, Teppo & Lundbom, Pia (2016) Koulunkäynninohjaajat: itseymmärrys ja kamppailu merkityksestä. Kasvatus & aika 10:4, 44-61

Eskelinen, Teppo (2016) Financial risks and social justice - three perspectives. Theoria: a journal of social and political theory 63:3, 1-16

Eskelinen, Teppo (2016) The Nordic radical Left. In Babak Amini (ed.) The Radical Left in Europe in the Age of Austerity. Routledge, London.


Eskelinen, Teppo & Kumpuniemi, Laura (2017) Solidaarisuustalous ja jakamistalous. Uusien talousmuotojen erottelun tarpeesta. Sosiologia 54 (2), 184-191.

Eskelinen, Teppo; Lakkala, Keijo; Lohtaja, Aleksi; Moisio, Olli-Pekka & Pyykkonen, Miikka (2017) Utopia on yhteiskunnallisten vaihtoehtojen etsimisen menetelma. Futura 36 (1), 36-37

Eskelinen, Teppo (2016) Makroselityksistä, vakauttajavaltioista ja kapitalismista. Poliittinen talous 4:1

Eskelinen, Teppo (2016) Talouden ontologia ja toivon tuotanto. Versus 2/2016

Eskelinen, Teppo (2016) Time banks and city commoning. Teoksessa Jose Ramos (ed.) The city as commons - a policy reader. Commons transition coalition, Melbourne.

Eskelinen, Teppo (2016) Review of Sarath Davala, Renana Jhabvala, Soumya Kapoor Mehta & Guy Standing: Basic Income. A transformative policy for India. Basic Income studies 11:1

Teaching (2017-2018)

DEVS3012 Political Economies of Development

DEVS106 Research Problem Seminar

DEV3001 Thesis Seminar 1

DEVS3002 Thesis Seminar 2

Also occasional lectures on other Development and International Co-operation courses