Hansen Saana, Tohtorikoulutettava / Doctoral Student

Sosiologia / Sociology
Opinkivi 329

Saana is a Doctoral student of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. She came to the University of Jyväskylä in 2016. Prior to that she has worked in the fields of human rights research and refugee resettlement. She holds a BA in Social Anthropology from the University of Tampere and an MA degree from the University of Sussex, where she gained a First Class Honours with Distinction in Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation in 2012. Her academically awarded dissertation explored the narratives of internally displaced women in the post-conflict Kenya.

Saana’s research interests include internal and cross-border displacement in Sub-Saharan Africa, politics of belonging, identity building and state formation. In her ethnographic Doctoral Study she uses the return migration of Zimbabweans from neighboring Southern African countries as an avenue for exploring the dynamics of returnee urban emplacement. The study is part of a research project ”Postliberal governance and popular claim-making in Southern Africa” that is funded by the Academy of Finland.


Hansen, Saana (2013) Reframing the post-election violence in Kenya: Women’s Narratives of Displacement”. Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society. 2013, 38:4, 5-26.

Hansen, Saana & Holm, Hanna (2016) Kun kuntaan tulee pakolaisia (a guide for municipalities on refugee resettlement). In Raija Gothoni & Ulla Siirto (eds) Pakolaisuudesta kotiin. Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 159-188.

Hansen, Saana; Sams, Anni; Jäppinen, Maija & Latvala, Johanna (2016) Kunniakäsitykset ja väkivalta – selvitys kunniaan liittyvästä väkivallasta ja siihen puuttumisesta Suomessa (a study on "honour" related violence in Finland). Helsinki: Finnish League for Human Rights.